Afghan Star Poster: Episode 3 — Bigger than an Election

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Celebrate the groundbreaking original artwork from your favorite episodes of Afghan Star, hosted by John Legend. Proceeds from sales of the artwork benefit The Noor Initiative, a non-profit working to ensure every Afghan girl has access to education and opportunity.

Afghan Star 11” x 17” Poster
Episode 3 — Bigger than an Election
Art by Laci — @lacicomicsart

Shakib Hamdard drives a taxi in Kabul. Until one day he goes to the first audition for Afghan Star. He doesn’t know it, but his life is about to change forever.

“It is not the first time that one of the arts is used to promote another art, but in this case, it is more than promotion. I was happy to be able to do what little I could to help bring such a singular story to a wider audience.” — Laci