Afghan Star Poster: Episode 4 — The Dance

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Celebrate the groundbreaking original artwork from your favorite episodes of Afghan Star, hosted by John Legend. Proceeds from sales of the artwork benefit The Noor Initiative, a non-profit working to ensure every Afghan girl has access to education and opportunity.

Afghan Star 11” x 17” Poster
Episode 4 — The Dance
Art by Sanya Anwar — @sanya_anwar

Setara Hussainzada is one of the first women to make it to the final rounds of Afghan Star. It’s a triumph. And then she does something that puts her life – and the lives of everyone who makes the show – at risk. 

“The plight of Afghan women has always been close to my heart, so working with the Afghan Star podcast to highlight this controversial moment in Afghan history was especially meaningful to me. With the recent breakdown of education for girls and women in Afghanistan, the work of organizations like the Noor Initiative are more important than ever. I hope that we will see meaningful, reliable progress for the rights of women in Afghanistan in our lifetime.”