Afghan Star Poster: Episode 8 — Cassettes in a Suitcase

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Celebrate the groundbreaking original artwork from your favorite episodes of Afghan Star, hosted by John Legend. Proceeds from sales of the artwork benefit The Noor Initiative, a non-profit working to ensure every Afghan girl has access to education and opportunity.

Afghan Star 11” x 17” Poster
Episode 8 — Cassettes in a Suitcase
Art by Mike Deodato, Jr. — @mikedeodato

As the Taliban returns, Massood Sanjer - the head of TOLO TV - has to make a decision. Should he do what they want and take Afghan Star off the air, or keep fighting for the revolution he helped start. 

“As an artist, I understand the power of visual storytelling to amplify voices and shed light on important narratives. The chance to contribute to a project shedding light on Afghan culture and the experiences of its people was something I couldn't pass up.”